Crucifixes and Crosses

Crucifixes and Crosses 1

Crucifixes and Crosses as symbols and ornaments

Crucifixes have always been used as decorative objects, of veneration, adoration, by our Lord Jesus Christ. They are also used as a symbol of protection. Here you will find a wide variety of designs, for the place you want, of the materials you prefer. With classic models and more modern praises. A whole collection of Beautiful Crucifixes.

Crucifixes are Symbols of Love.

Something we must remember is that our Lord Jesus Christ will never be on that Cross again, that it does not mean a Symbol of pain, it is a sacrifice for the passage of LOVE, love for us, each one, has to symbolize happiness, to be so loved by JESUS God grant your mortal life for us. But life is his and the ETERNAL.

Crucifixes and Crosses for Table and Wall

Prices Updated April 30, 2020

Here you can Buy the Crucifixes that you like the most.

You will find the most classic, modern, minimalist, natural, exotic models. made of various materials.

Always keep it in sight, it is a good thing to always look at. For your home, for your office, or the place you want to have it .

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JESUS came into the world as a man.
He did not really die, because life emanates from Him,
Everything lives in him forever.
I will not fall again, he is my strength there is only one way.
Jesus is the way of Life.
Then I will always live and death will not touch me again !!!