The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower 1
Will the Preaches be heard?

According to many writings, they point out that the parable of the sower refers to optimism, that the word of preaching and the FAITH itself will save, or will be accepted by all, after many vicissitudes that man passes. All this throughout your life, there will be times of rejection, and times of acceptance.

Other more pessimistic writings refer to the hard heart of man, which refers to the ground. That in many places the seed may fall or be watered, but in few it can sprout and bear fruit to be harvested. That many would listen and then forget, that others would not even accept it.

Parable of the sower – Bible (Matthew 13: 1-9; Mr. 4.1-9; Lk. 8.4-8)

She says that Jesus was resting sitting near the sea, as it was normal to see many people crowded around him, then he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people were standing on the shore.

Then he told them many things in parables, saying:

A farmer came out to sow his seed. As I scattered the seed, some fell down the road, and the birds came and ate it.

Some fell in rocky places, where it did not have much land. It came up quickly, because the ground was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants burned and wilted because they had no roots.

Another seed fell between thorns, which grew and drowned the plants.

But a part of the seed fell into good soil, where it produced a crop, one hundred sixty or thirty times what it was sown. He who has ears, let him hear.

The disciples approached him and asked, “Why are you talking to people in parables?” He replied: Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. To the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have, will be taken from them. So I speak to them in parables:

Jesus explains the parable of the sower. (Mr. 4.13-20; Lc. 8.11-15)

Listen, therefore, to the parable of the sower:

When some hear the word of the kingdom and do not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what is sown in their hearts. This is the one that was watered along the way.
  And the one who was sown in stony ground, this is the one who heard the word, and the moment received it with joy;
  but it has no root in itself, therefore it is of short duration, because when the word produces affliction or persecution, then it stumbles and is rejected.
  He who was sown among thorns, this is he who heard the word, but the anguishes of this century and the deceitfulness of riches drown the word, and it becomes fruitless.
  But he who is sown in good soil, this is he who hears and understands the word, and bears fruit; and it produces one hundred, sixty, and thirty times one.

JESUS came into the world as a man.
Really didn’t die
Everything lives in it forever
I will not fall again, he is my strength
There’s only one way and it’s him
Then i will always live
Death will never touch me again!