Rings of JESUS


The CHRISTIAN Ring is a Symbol, a Decorative emblem

Christian rings, apart from being a decorative object, and with elegant designs, have a plus. which serve to remind us that we are never unprotected.

On this page the ring symbolizes many things, such as Jesus’ love for humanity, such as our faith towards him, the sacrifice by which he passed to redeem us. But above all, the happiness we feel when we remember it and know that it will always be there for us. Christian Rings have a lot of meaning for believers, for people who have FAITH in Christ Jesus.


  • Ring with the face of Jesus
  • Ring of the cross
  • Crucifixion Ring
  • Ring of the word INRI King of the Jews
  • JESUS Name Ring
  • Wedding ring
  • Ring with Bible Verses
  • Prayer Ring
  • Ring with the Sacred Heart of Jesus


RINGS of CHRIST for Men, Women, Unisex, and for the little ones, CHILDREN

Buy it for yourself, and in passing give it to that loved one, father, mother, wife, husband, children, friends. You can give it for any occasion, birthday, engagement ring, wedding ring, promotion ring (graduation), for those who are 15 years old, wedding anniversaries.

Prices Updated April 29, 2020

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Why buy CHRISTIAN rings?

If you are on this page it is because you have searched for the name JESUS, and you know of the Christ, son of the all powerful Father, who came into the world made flesh, who gave his life for us. So if you know of our savior. You will like the ring models found on this page. If you don’t know about JESUS, we recommend the Holy Bible Book.
Some RINGS have hypoallergenic properties, which have a low risk of producing allergic reactions
A topic like the one we talked about in these pages will never go out of style, always keep it in your hand, remember it always .

Here you can find Classes of Rings of:

  • Marriage ring: It is the one given at the time of the wedding, each one is granted to his partner with the promise of the two will fulfill the values ​​of fidelity, love, delivery, support, respect, honesty and happiness.
  • Engagement ring: It is the one that the man gives to his girlfriend at the time of asking for his hand in marriage, the ring symbolizes a promise of marriage.
  • Distinctive ring: It is the one that is used as a distinctive of some position, rank, society, for example, popes, cardinals, kings, the rings of societies.
  • Symbolic ring: This is the most important for us, because it symbolizes the LOVE of JESUS ​​towards us, the love and faith we feel towards the SON of GOD.

JESUS came into the world as a man.
Really didn’t die
Everything lives in it forever
I will not fall again, he is my strength
There’s only one way and it’s him
Then i will always live
Death will never touch me again!