JESUS table statues

JESUS table statues 1

Sculptures of JESUS CHRIST

Statues, art, Christ the Redeemer, Jesus the good shepherd, Christ my strength. It is a good way to decorate our home, or any other place where we stay a good time, they always inspire serenity, calm and strength.

Definitely the best way to decorate an environment, and not just as decoration, it is an image that we always keep in mind, wherever we are. Also a way to remind us that the right place we are

Sure you will like them, choose the model that you like the most, and the dimensions you prefer ..

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JESUS came into the world as a man.
He did not really die, because life emanates from Him,
Everything lives in him forever.
I will not fall again, he is my strength there is only one way.
Jesus is the way of Life.
Then I will always live and death will not touch me again !!!

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With these sculptures the societies tried to personify the gods, statues of kings, statues of queens, princes, princesses, spirits, or some other deities. They are usually made of stones, such as marble, granite, but there are also steel, bronze statues, wooden statues, and some other metals, the most famous statues are David by Michelangelo, statue of the Venus of the Nile. There are many famous sculptures, Greek statues, famous statues, statue of Athena harboring us, statue of the thinker, Roman statues, Egyptian statues.